About Me

My name is Shane, and I am a social media influencer with a combined 4M+ followers on Tiktok and Instagram.

Before kicking it off on Tiktok, I experimented and tried to go viral on other social media platforms like Linkedin and Reddit. After gaining thousands of followers from Linkedin posting and getting to the top of Reddit’s r/all multiple times, I’ve realized that it’s nearly impossible to monetize these social media platforms as an internet personality, so I did my research and moved to Tiktok.

On Tiktok, I gained my following pretty quickly. In the first 2 months of my social media journey on @shanexm, I grew from 0 to 2 million followers. In the first 4 months, I earned my first 1 billion views. My second account had an even more drastic growth: I gained from 0 to 300k followers in less than 48 hours. I’m currently working on growing my other social media platforms.

I have a very technical background as well. I graduated Berkeley at 18 studying English and computer science, where I founded & taught UC Berkeley’s CS198-73, the first upper division cloud computing and SaaS course on campus. I’ve also started many initiatives, like creating interactive maps on fracking wastes in Pennsylvanian rivers & creating #StopAsianHate lenses for Snapchat.

I’m interested in trying new sports and activities, as well as meeting new people, so please reach out on Instagram if you would like to hang out!

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